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Provide Exceptional Care that will renew the lives of
those who are struggling with an addiction while bringing
back hope to their families.

Our focus is to help your loved one find a purpose that leads

them to a life of happiness and success.

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Who We Are

OC Revive started because a team of like-minded professionals wanted to bring change and hope to their community. OC Revive is a family of highly skilled professionals, that will always go above and beyond to provide top-notch treatment for your family. The OC Revive team consists of Psychologists, Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Tutors and Direct Care Staff that ensure your loved one gets the attention and care that they deserve.

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Joshua S
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I came into this program hurting and finding myself slipping away. OC revive helped me get back on track and maintain long term sobriety. I also had legal issues, which they were very diligent in helping me to resolve. OC Revive also helped me reground myself, learn how to live my life and gain balance & structure. Finally, they even helped me get a job! thanks Oc revive!
Helen M
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OC Revive has been an incredible experience for me. The staff was immediately warm, welcoming, and made me feel at home from the second I walked in. Revive makes their clients’ recoveries a priority. There hasn’t been one group that’s been tedious or not beneficial to my recovery. I would 100% recommend Revive to anyone looking for a program whose staff is caring, competent, and helpful. Thank you Revive!! 🙂
Nikki R
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OC Revive has been the best experience I have ever had in the treatment world. I have been to over 50 treatment centers so I have had a lot of experience. Every single staff member is incredibly warm and welcoming,always available to help in every way they can, and I know they care about the clients deeply and are there for so much more than a paycheck. Client care has only increased even with growing census which is extremely admirable. That does not happen often. OC Revive saved my life and I will always be grateful for every single person that has helped me along the way. OC Revive will be a huge part of my life until the day I die.I cannot wait to see the program continue to progress and the amount of people they are going to help.

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Emotion Regulation

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Hard Conversations Made Easy

Having those hard conversations with your child isn't always easy. Sometimes, we, as parents, are so afraid to get it wrong that we simply stop trying to get it right. But, just like good communication is the key to any successful relationship...


Gold Seal of Approval

OC Revive has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective care and is one of the highest levels of achievement a treatment center can receive.

Licensed & Accredited By

Certified by Department of healthcare services

Certification: 300010AP

Expires: 05/31/25

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Johnny Pickett

Patient Advocate

Jamie Nelson

Case Manager

Stephen Carmel

Co-Founder & CFO

I began my journey to recovery back in 2011 when i moved to California from New York.Along with my recovery and beginning a new way of life, I began to develop a heart for others struggling with sobriety.My journey to California was filled with many trials and lessons learned, but most of all, personal growth. I truly believe I would not have found success if I didn’t come to California.

I first opened an adult treatment center, California Prime Recovery(CPR) as a way to work with those struggling on a daily basis. Over the last 3 years, CPR has evolved into someting much more impactful and beautiful than i could’ve ever imagined. I have come to realize that my own happiness and growth depends on being involved in the lives of others in recovery. Helping people through recovery is a cornerstone of many 12 step programs, and it has become the most important aspect of personal life. Giving back to those still suffering is the only way not to lose what you have gained.

Throughout this journey, and by mentoring many adolescents, I realized i wanted to offer more to teens who were struggling just as i was. This is when i decided to start OC Revive. I had built many wonderful relationships throughout my professional journey and found two others who shared the same vision, and passion that i had for the youth. It didn’t take long for myself, Tyler Michaelis, and Derek Walsh to turn our dream into a reality. We are committed to providing the best possible treatment for adolescents and truly believe “their future is our collective responsibility”.

Derek Walsh

Co-Founder & COO

As Co-Founder & COO of OC Revive, Derek has a wealth of personal and professional experience dealing with the issues faced by today’s troubled teen. Throughout High School and College, Derek struggled with peer pressure, learning challenges, and substance abuse. Working with the support of family and friends, Derek set out to conquer those obstacles and find a richer, more fulfilling life.

On 15 October 2012, Derek overcame his own substance abuse problem and dedicated himself to help others work through their own addiction. A year later, Derek began a new journey and started his career in the recovery industry. Throughout his career, Derek has worked his way through numerous roles at top-rated treatment centers. While working at those treatment centers, Derek began to see a pattern that those struggling individuals would’ve benefited immensely from receiving earlier in life.

Derek decided that he wanted to be a part of the solution, and find a way to address those issues at an earlier age. He concluded that there needed to be interventions before adulthood, and he didn’t want to see anyone going through the same cycle that he did. That was when he and Tyler Michaelis decided to start OC Revive, to make sure teens get the help they need to find a purpose that leads them to a life of happiness and success.

Derek attended college at Orange Coast College and Santa Barbara City College.

Brittany Astrom

Clinical Supervisor

Brittany joins the OCR team with over 15 years of experience in the Mental Health adn Substance Abuse field. Brittany has been licensed for almost 8 years and has worked in various settings throughout her career, including inpatient psychiatric treatment, outpatient, residential treatment center, PHP and IOP settings. Brittany has been supervising Associate Marrige and Family Therapists and Associate Social Workers for almost 6 years and works in compiance and auditing to ensure that treatment centers are up to par with biling regulations. Brittany has worked with young adults and adolescents for most of her career.

Brittany earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at California Baptist International University. Brittany enjoys working with adolescents and young adults and believes that ever single person has the ability to set goals and meet them, even when they can’t see it themselves. Brittany loves spending time with her family, traveling, good coffee, and being outdoors.

Patrick R. Smith

Program Director

Patrick is a mental health and addiction professional who has a passion for recovery and helping others. He was inspired and encouraged by his mentors to work with individuals and families that have been affected by mental health issues, and alcohol and drug addiction. He has been working in the field of addiction recovery for 23+ years and is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. Patrick is also certified in Adult and Adolescent Anger Management. His career in addiction treatment began in 2001 at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage CA. as an Addiction Specialist working on the inpatient campus and is the co-creator of Betty Ford Center’s “Young Adult Track” specializing in work with 18-25-year-old Patients. He also excelled in working with addicted and impaired professionals in the “Relapse and Recovery Program”.

Patrick transitioned to Orange County in 2011 where he accepted a position as the Program Director for Orange County Recovery Services. Patrick is a gifted lecturer, group facilitator, and counselor with a passion for recovery who has been an active recovery member for over 25 years.

Anthony Fletcher

Director Of Business Development

Anthony is an Orange County local and has been a great addition to the Oc Revive team. Since 2015, Anthony has been working in the substance abuse field and has also pursued his drug and alcohol counseling license. Since being with Revive Anthony has established a relationship within the School Districts and serves as a voluntary speaker for substance abuse awareness in the community. By sharing his personal testimony, he has excelled in gaining trust and building rapport with others. He always seems to have a smile on his face and brings a positive vibe wherever he goes. With that being said, Anthony is very passionate about the work that he does and goes above and beyond to provide our struggling youth the care that they so desperately need.

Levi Sweet

Director of Operations

Brian Welsh

Director of Admissions

Chandra Medina

Lead Therapist

Kelly Pearson


Christina Gherman


Tyler Michaelis

Founder & CEO

Tyler is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to teens and their families. Once a teenager that struggled with addiction, mental health, and poor choices, Tyler is aware of the growing demand and need for early intervention in adolescents and young adults. Growing up in Orange County, he battled addiction and peer pressure all throughout high school and during his time at Saddleback College. During those troubled years, Tyler’s parents and family were emotionally drained and heavily impacted by his addiction. Unfortunately, they did not know where to turn for help nor did they have the courage to set boundaries with him.After 7 painful years, they finally forced Tyler out of the house and into treatment at the age of 23.

April 5th, 2010 is a date that Tyler and his family hold dear. On that date, Tyler enrolled in a 4-month treatment program which laid the foundation for his recovery. With the help of treatment professionals, supportive friends and family, Tyler was able to build a better version of himself. This started with slowly building his self-esteem, and growing a community of peers to support him throughout recovery.

In 2011,with the desire to help others struggling with addiction, he decided to start working in the addiction field. Tyler obtained his CADAC || Counselor certification and graduated from Cal Sate University of Long Beach with a degree in Health Care Administration. Since then, Tyler has worked all areas of treatment starting as a detox technician and working his way up to Program Director. Today, Tyler feels blessed and grateful for getting a second chanse at life. He has a great relationship with his family, is happily married and has a great group of friends. Once a lost teen, Tyler now has purpose and passion. He’s dedicated his life’s work to helping teens and their families. As the Founder, Tyler Michaelis is confident that OC Revive will renew the lives of struggling teens while bringing back hope to their families

Tylor Ramsey


Patrick Fernandez-Her

AMFT Therapist

Steven Simon


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Alejandro Alva, M.D.

Medical Director

Kayli Sullivan

Director of HR & Compliance

Carl Kutter

Operations Manager

Mustafa Stanizai

Case Manager

Allyson Lake

Case Manager

Ashley Becher

Admin Assistant

Kortnee Carralejo


Madalyn Johnson

Case Manager