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Cocaine abuse is well-documented. At least 5 million people in the United States used cocaine in 2020.

This makes cocaine addiction a common problem. If you are addicted to cocaine, it’s time to take action.

This article talks about quitting cocaine. It also addresses how to cope with withdrawal symptoms and the process of detoxing.

How To Quit Cocaine

First, you have to quit taking cocaine. This is no easy feat. Here are some steps that can help you quit cocaine.

Change Your Habits
Sometimes, habits can contribute to addiction woes. An example of such a habit is isolation. Making healthy changes can be crucial.

Get Help
This is the most important step. Getting help from the right rehab addiction center can make a difference.

OC Revive is an excellent option. They have experienced mental experts that are always ready to help.

Cocaine | OC Revive

Find the Main Issue/Root Cause of Your Addiction
Addiction is usually the product of a deeper issue. Finding the root cause of the addiction is important.

This is also one of the main aims of a rehab addiction center. Centers like OC Revive help patients understand the root cause of their addiction.

This can be achieved through talking therapies and other programs.

Hold Yourself Accountable
Finally, make sure you commit to fighting cocaine addiction. Talking to someone about your plans is important. This person can hold you accountable when things get tough. This will help you kickstart your journey.

Cocaine | OC Revive

Cocaine And Depression

People who are addicted to cocaine are more likely to suffer from depression.

Cocaine and depression are intertwined. Depression or “feeling the surge of adrenaline” is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. This surge happens when there’s a flight or fight situation. At this point, norepinephrine is released.

Usually, the effects wear off after the situation passes. The presence of cocaine changes how the body works by releasing norepinephrine without a flight or fight situation.

This is further heightened by the increase in dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. So, when a person takes in cocaine, they feel high or invincible. However, when it wears off, depression follows quickly.

In normal circumstances, the emotional shift won’t be significant as most people will be relieved for surviving the situation.

However, because cocaine forces the release, the shift is more significant and telling.

Depression is also a cocaine withdrawal symptom. If you are depressed, you should seek help.

Cocaine rehab centers like OC Revive can help you prevent relapses during this critical period.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are a natural part of quitting cocaine.

Here are some psychological withdrawal symptoms you can naturally expect.

Other Physical Withdrawal Symptoms Include

How Long Does Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms Last

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from 3 days to several months. The amount of intake, the duration, and the severity of the addiction are all important factors.

First Few HoursSymptoms start to emerge. This might include increased appetite and anxiety.
Week 1 Symptoms are on the rise. You might exeperience rising cravings.
Week 2-5Yoy might experience trouble thinking.Cravings are strong and other symptoms are also present
Week 6-10Minor symptoms are present.However, most withdrawl symptoms taper off.

How To Cope During This Period

During this period, you need all the support you can get from loved ones. Self-care activities will also be helpful. Such activities might include exercise, eating healthy foods, and getting proper rest.

This is also the right time to get your treatment program started. Get a cocaine detox as soon as you can. The program at OC Revive can guide you through this difficult, but important stage.

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine detox is the process of removing every trace of cocaine from your body. The duration of this process depends on the length of usage.

Detoxing should always be done by medical professionals. Detoxing at home might backfire if your cocaine withdrawal symptoms are more severe.

Cocaine | OC Revive
Cocaine | OC Revive

What Is The Process For Cocaine Detox?

Detoxing is the first stage of recovery from cocaine addiction. The detoxing period for cocaine can take as little as 8 hours to 2 days. This largely depends on

This is followed by the management of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. After this process, most rehab centers will offer a treatment plan.

OC Revive offers several therapies and counseling to get patients through this period. With well-qualified professionals, your recovery process should go as planned.

Getting Help With OC Revive

Cocaine addiction affects your psychological well-being. The sooner you get help, the better. OC Revive can help you do just that.

It’s time to take control of your life. Take the first step today.

With treatment and commitment, most people make a full recovery from cocaine addiction. While there is always a risk of relapse, most people go on to live normal lives. Reach out to OC Revive to start your recovery today. Don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 808 6757 to discuss treatment options.

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Cocaine | OC Revive

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