Addiction can affect anyone, but at OC Revive, we understand that addiction and the path to recovery can be different for men. We offer gender-specific addiction treatment that provides a comfortable and distraction-free environment, allowing individuals to focus on their unique recovery needs.

Are you hesitating to seek help?

Many men feel vulnerable to open up emotionally and expose their pain. In cases where men experience sexual abuse, emotional trauma, or gender abnormalities, they may be unwilling or afraid to seek help. Although the number of men who turn to substance abuse is far higher than women, there are not many addiction treatment centers that cater to men.

At OC Revive, we understand the unique needs of men in treatment. When men are in peer groups with similar challenges, they are more comfortable confiding and accepting help.

Our expert care team will develop your individualized recovery plan based on factors that uniquely affect men, such as:

Supportive Addiction Treatment for Men

Our addiction treatment programs for men provide a safe, supportive place for you to explore issues as you participate in:

Individual Counseling

Traditional talk therapy is highly effective for the treatment of addiction in men to help process negative beliefs and thought patterns that trigger substance abuse. At OC Revive, we use evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and others to help support talk therapy.

Group Counseling

Being part of a peer group sharing similar challenges is the biggest success factor in group counseling for addiction treatment. At OC Revive, you can be part of men-only group counseling which may be a more comfortable environment for accepting help.

Support Programs

In addition to counseling, education, and peer activities, we also offer support groups such as 12-step programs and non-12-step programs that can help expand your peer network community that can support you in your recovery.

Gender-Specific Facilities

We maintain separate lodging for men and women at our addiction treatment centers. We work with gender-specific sober living options so that residents can stay in a stress-free and supportive environment while leaning on each other on their journeys.

At OC Revive, we provide more than a place to stay sober. We offer a strong sober living community where our residents can transition into a successful long-term recovery while receiving support and guidance on their journey.

All of the houses are fully furnished and offer everything you need to feel as stress-free as possible while being away from home.

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At OC Revive, we’re dedicated to helping men achieve lasting recovery from addiction. Contact us today to begin your personalized journey to sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The duration of the treatment program can vary depending on individual needs and progress. Our expert care team will work with you to determine the appropriate length of your treatment plan.

OC Revive offers comprehensive addiction treatment for a wide range of substances, including alcohol, opioids, stimulants, and more. Our programs are tailored to address your specific substance abuse issues.

Yes, we encourage family involvement in the treatment process. Family support can be instrumental in an individual’s recovery journey, and we offer family therapy and education programs to help loved ones understand and support the recovery process.

OC Revive understands that the cost of treatment can be a concern. We offer various payment options and may work with insurance providers to help make treatment more affordable. Our priority is to ensure that individuals receive the help they need.

Recovery is an ongoing process, and OC Revive provides aftercare services to support individuals in maintaining their sobriety. We offer continued counseling, support groups, and resources to help you succeed in your long-term recovery journey.

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