Pet Friendly Sober Living

OC Revive offers premiere pet friendly sober living homes in Orange County for individuals who have completed detoxification treatment. Our treatment facility located in Lake Forest, CA combines compassionate care with evidence-based treatment to address substance abuse and mental health needs.

How Does Pet Friendly Sober Living Work?

Spayed/Neutered: All pets must be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters and reduce behavioral issues.

Age: Pets must be a certain age, usually at least six months old, to ensure they are past the puppy/kitten stage and have received proper training and socialization.

Vaccinations: Pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations to protect themselves and others from preventable diseases.

Temperament: Pets must be non-aggressive and have no history of violence or aggression towards people or other animals.

Housebroken: Pets must be housebroken and able to follow basic commands to maintain a clean and safe living environment.

There may be other rules depending on your animal. Contact or admissions team to confirm! 

Why Choose Pet Friendly Sober Living?

Our pet friendly sober living homes in Orange County provide a supportive environment for individuals transitioning from addiction treatment back into everyday life. Here, residents find a safe and nurturing space to continue their recovery journey while gradually reintegrating into society.

Key Features of Sober Living at OC Revive:

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Structured Environment

Our sober living homes offer a structured environment that promotes accountability and responsibility. Residents adhere to house rules and schedules, fostering a sense of routine and stability.

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Peer Support

Surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals on a similar path can be incredibly empowering. At OC Revive, residents form strong bonds with peers who understand the challenges of recovery, providing invaluable support and encouragement.

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Holistic Approach

We believe in addressing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Our sober living program integrates evidence-based practices with holistic therapies to promote overall well-being.

Pet Friendly Sober Living | OC Revive

Mental Health Focus

OC Revive is dedicated to addressing the underlying mental health issues that often co-occur with addiction. Our comprehensive approach includes mental health treatment alongside addiction recovery services.

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Pet Friendly Sober Living

We recognize the healing power of the human-animal bond. That's why our sober living homes are pet-friendly, allowing residents to experience the comfort and companionship of their beloved pets during their stay.

What We Offer

Sober Living Orange County
Pet Friendly Sober Living | OC Revive

Stay Sober With OC Revive

At OC Revive, we provide more than just a place to stay sober. We offer a strong sober living community where our residents can transition into a successful long-term recovery while receiving support and guidance on their journey.

All of the houses are fully furnished and offer everything you need to feel as stress-free as possible while being away from home.

Pet-friendly accommodations are also available.

The Healing Power of Pet Friendly Sober Living

At OC Revive, we recognize that the journey to sobriety is not just about overcoming addiction; it’s also about nurturing overall well-being and finding solace in supportive relationships. We firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of the human-animal bond, which is why our sober living homes in Orange County are designed to be pet-friendly.

We understand that pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of the family, providing unconditional love, comfort, and companionship during challenging times. By welcoming pets into our sober living homes, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where residents can experience the healing power of this special bond.

Having a beloved pet by their side can provide residents with a sense of comfort and normalcy during their recovery journey. The presence of a furry friend can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and loneliness, which are common challenges faced by individuals in early recovery.

Pets also offer a unique form of emotional support, promoting positive feelings and helping residents develop a sense of responsibility and routine. The simple act of caring for a pet can instill a sense of purpose and motivation, encouraging residents to stay engaged in their recovery goals.

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Understanding the Difference Between Sober Living and Halfway Homes

Navigating the options for post-rehabilitation housing can be confusing, especially when considering the differences between sober living homes and halfway houses. At OC Revive, we believe in providing clarity and support to individuals seeking the right path for their recovery journey. Here’s a breakdown of the distinctions between sober living and halfway homes:

Sober Living Homes:

Sober living homes, also known as recovery residences, are designed to provide a supportive and structured environment for individuals transitioning from addiction treatment back into everyday life. These homes offer a substance-free living environment where residents can continue to build upon the skills and coping mechanisms learned in treatment.

4 Key Features of Sober Living Homes:

  1. Voluntary Participation: Residents choose to live in a sober living home voluntarily, typically after completing a primary addiction treatment program. Participation is not mandated by the legal system or as a condition of parole or probation.
  2. Peer Support: Sober living homes emphasize peer support and accountability. Residents live alongside others who are committed to maintaining sobriety, providing mutual encouragement and understanding.

  3. Structured Environment: While sober living homes offer a level of structure and support, residents generally have more autonomy and freedom compared to halfway houses. House rules may include curfews, drug testing, and participation in house meetings or group activities.

  4. Focus on Independence: Sober living homes encourage residents to gradually reintegrate into society while maintaining their sobriety. Residents are often encouraged to seek employment, pursue education or vocational training, and take responsibility for household chores and expenses.

Halfway Houses:

Halfway houses, also known as transitional living facilities, serve as a bridge between incarceration or inpatient treatment and independent living. These facilities offer a structured and supervised environment for individuals reentering society after a period of incarceration or treatment.

3 Key Features of Halfway Houses:

  1. Court-Mandated or Parole/Probation Requirement: Unlike sober living homes, participation in a halfway house may be mandated by the legal system or required as a condition of parole or probation. Residents may be referred to a halfway house by a court, corrections department, or parole officer.

  2. Supervised Environment: Halfway houses typically offer a higher level of supervision and accountability compared to sober living homes. Residents may be subject to strict rules and regulations, including curfews, mandatory attendance at counseling or support groups, and random drug testing.
  3. Focus on Reintegration: Halfway Houses focuses on helping individuals reintegrate into society by providing support, resources, and assistance with finding employment, securing housing, and accessing community services.

6 Benefits of Staying in Sober Living Orange County Homes

Choosing to reside in a sober living home in Orange County offers numerous advantages for individuals in recovery. At OC Revive, we believe in providing a supportive environment where individuals can thrive in their sobriety. Here are some of the key benefits of staying in our Orange County sober living homes:

1. Safe and Supportive Environment:

Our sober living homes provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus on their recovery journey free from the temptations and triggers of their past environments. With 24/7 support and supervision, residents feel secure knowing they have a supportive community around them.

2. Peer Accountability and Support:

Living alongside peers who share similar experiences and goals creates a sense of camaraderie and accountability. In our Orange County sober living homes, residents support each other through the ups and downs of recovery, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual encouragement.

3. Structured Routine and Stability:

Consistency and routine are essential components of successful recovery. Our sober living homes in Orange County offer a structured daily routine that includes group activities, therapy sessions, and life skills workshops. This structure promotes stability and helps individuals develop healthy habits for long-term sobriety.

4. Access to Resources and Services:

OC Revive's sober living homes provide access to a range of resources and services to support residents in their recovery journey. From counseling and therapy to vocational training and educational opportunities, we offer comprehensive support to address the diverse needs of our residents.

5. Integration into the Community:

Orange County offers a vibrant and supportive recovery community with numerous resources and opportunities for individuals in recovery. By staying in our sober living homes in Orange County, residents have the chance to engage with local support groups, attend sober events, and build connections within the community.

6. Pet-Friendly Environment:

At OC Revive, we understand the healing power of the human-animal bond. That's why our sober living homes in Orange County are pet-friendly, allowing residents to experience the comfort and companionship of their beloved pets during their recovery journey.

Transition Process to Pet Friendly Sober Living in Orange County

Moving into a sober living home in Orange County is a significant step in your recovery journey. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during this transition:

  1. The Intake Process: Most sober living homes have a detailed intake process that includes an interview, reviewing rules and expectations, and possibly drug testing. This helps ensure the home is the right fit for you.
  2. Adjusting to a New Environment: Expect an adjustment period as you get used to your new surroundings, housemates, and the daily routine. Remember, this structure is designed to support your recovery.
  3. Building a Support Network: Sober living provides a unique opportunity to build a strong sober support system. Engage with housemates, attend meetings, and take advantage of any support services offered by the home.
  4. Developing Life Skills: Many sober living homes emphasize developing life skills essential for maintaining long-term sobriety. This might include budgeting, meal preparation, job searching, and coping with triggers.
  5. Stepping Down Levels of Care: Often, sober living is a step-down from more intensive treatment programs. Your individual needs will dictate your length of stay and how you’ll eventually transition to independent living.

Tips for a Smooth Transition:

  • Openness and Honesty: Be open and honest with the staff and your housemates about your recovery journey.
  • Embrace the Structure: The rules and structure of sober living are there for a reason. Embrace them as a way to build healthy habits.
  • Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Your housemates, staff, and recovery community are there to support you.


Sober living homes offer a safe, structured, and supportive environment for individuals in early recovery from addiction. These homes promote accountability, community, and the development of life skills essential for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Inpatient rehab typically provides intensive, medically-supervised treatment in a residential setting. Sober living serves as a transitional step after completing rehab, allowing individuals to practice independent living while maintaining support and structure.

Orange County offers a wealth of resources for people in recovery. This includes access to:

  • A thriving recovery community and numerous support groups
  • Various outpatient therapy and counseling options
  • Beautiful weather and outdoor spaces for healthy activities
  • Diverse employment opportunities

Costs vary depending on the sober living home, amenities offered, and the length of stay. It’s essential to contact individual homes directly for accurate pricing information.

Consider these factors when choosing a home:

  • Accreditation and Licensing: Look for homes with reputable accreditations (like The Joint Commission)
  • Structure and Rules: Determine the level of structure you need to thrive.
  • Amenities: Consider what amenities are important to you (e.g., gym, recreation, etc.).
  • Location: Think about a location that fits your preferences and makes it easy to attend meetings/appointments.

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What Our Clients Say

Joshua S
Read More
I came into this program hurting and finding myself slipping away. OC revive helped me get back on track and maintain long term sobriety. I also had legal issues, which they were very diligent in helping me to resolve. OC Revive also helped me reground myself, learn how to live my life and gain balance & structure. Finally, they even helped me get a job! thanks Oc revive!
Helen M
Read More
OC Revive has been an incredible experience for me. The staff was immediately warm, welcoming, and made me feel at home from the second I walked in. Revive makes their clients’ recoveries a priority. There hasn’t been one group that’s been tedious or not beneficial to my recovery. I would 100% recommend Revive to anyone looking for a program whose staff is caring, competent, and helpful. Thank you Revive!! 🙂
Nikki R
Read More
OC Revive has been the best experience I have ever had in the treatment world. I have been to over 50 treatment centers so I have had a lot of experience. Every single staff member is incredibly warm and welcoming,always available to help in every way they can, and I know they care about the clients deeply and are there for so much more than a paycheck. Client care has only increased even with growing census which is extremely admirable. That does not happen often. OC Revive saved my life and I will always be grateful for every single person that has helped me along the way. OC Revive will be a huge part of my life until the day I die.I cannot wait to see the program continue to progress and the amount of people they are going to help.

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